Skincare and sari drapes

By Rob 0

Before sustainability became fashionable, Dame Anita Roddick, the founder of Body Shop, used to sell homemade cosmetics from her home and clients would come back with empty bottles to refill. Then Body Shop scaled up and things changed. In a similar vein, Purearth, an artisanal wellness products company based in Hongkong and Pune, is doing a workshop where you can concoct your own face mask with wholesome, natural ingredients and then take it home in an exquisite French MIRON Violettglas jar.

The workshop is a fundraiser in collaboration with Border&Fall, an online fashion publication that has initiated a crowd funded project called The Sari: A How-to Drape film series, which documents the various ways of draping a sari and the garment’s past, present and future. Money raised from the Purearth workshop will be pledged to the sari project.

Participants will have a mix of imported and locally sourced ingredients: Chocolate from Auroville by Mason & Co, known for producing some of the purest form of cacao in the country. Bentonite, a type of clay from Wyoming, US, will be used for its absorptive powers in drawing out toxins from the skin. And then there are some Ayurvedic goodies like gotu kola, manjishta, moringa, neem and turmeric. Kavita Khosa, founder of Purearth promises participants will be going home with some skin fruit. “Think of it as a day spent in a nurturing environment, learning to taking care of your skin, over drinks, small bites and conversations about wellness and how to use your kitchen as a pharmacy,” she adds.

The Masque Master class will cost Rs3500. There are two sessions, one on 24th March and another on 25th March, at Border&Fall, Morphogenesis, 60, Wellington Street, 1st Floor in Richmond Town, Bangalore. To register: visit here.

First Published: Mon, Mar 20 2017. 02 17 PM IST