This Small, Amazonian Population Proves Just How Unhealthy American Life Really Is

By Amber 0

And, frankly, that difference proved to be quite beneficial to the Tsimane people. Their active, forager-horticulturalist lifestyle has allowed them to achieve “a lifetime with very low LDL, low blood pressure, low glucose, normal body-mass index, no smoking, and plenty of physical activity.” Meanwhile, someone living in the United States is five times more likely to suffer from hardened arteries than a member of the Tsimane population.

These findings shouldn’t come as a complete shock. The unhealthy habits of American living are well-known at this point. But knowing how to live a healthier life and actually doing it are two very different things. If you’ve ever been looking for a reason why you should trash the cigarettes, hit the gym, and change up your diet, then hopefully an entire population of people is enough to show you the long-term benefits of switching things up.

[via menshealth]