This Gym Bag Miraculously Cleans Your Sweaty Clothes

By Amber 0

Ever think about exactly how much bacteria is building up on those gym clothes you worked out in this morning while they sit in your gym bag all day? Do you then realize that you also use that same bag to haul other things in, such as clean clothes and maybe your lunch? One company certainly has, and developed a gym bag that automatically cleans your gym clothes—no water or laundry detergent required.

As you can see from this video published on Engaget, the Paqsule looks like a regular gym bag. It’s pretty compact, actually, and wouldn’t stand out compared to any other bag you see in the locker room. The inside doesn’t look much different, either. There are small pockets, a compartment for your shoes and plenty of room for anything else you’d bring to the gym. The difference is on the side of the bag, which has a little button that, when pressed, sends out short wavelengths of ultraviolet light and activated oxygen to kill 95% of the micro organisms inside.

[via menshealth]