Older Doctors Are Losing Their Edge—And It Can Have a Scary Impact On You

By Amber 0

While this data is eye opening, it’s important to note that the researchers found a correlation between physician age and patient mortality rate, not causation. The authors, led by Yusuke Tsugawa, suggest that doctors’ skills may deteriorate over time or they could simply become outdated. Younger doctors have more recent training in the most effective practices to date. (But here are five conditions your doctor just shouldn’t treat.)

As the paper says, “Hospital medicine is among the most rapidly evolving specialties within medicine … including greater emphasis on multi-professional team based practice, adherence to clinical guidelines, training on patient handoffs, familiarity with shift work during residency training, and an improved hospital safety culture.

So, technically, the problem may not be that your doctor is ancient. It’s just that their training is.

[via menshealth]