Do You Really Need Bourbon in Your Soap?

By Amber 0

Today, there are more grooming products targeted to men than ever, and they’re not just about keeping a good skincare routine. Many of them want to reaffirm that you are a man—who likes drinking whiskey straight while using his whiskey-scented face wash and shampoo with beer in it.

But does your soap have to smell like a campfire in Montana or a 1980s Wall Street cigar lounge for it to do its job? Is the only reason you are interesting in a shave cream is it because it smells like your old fraternity house—or because it will give you your best shave ever? No, in fact, you’d benefit from raiding your wife’s grooming kit.

Here’s our round-up of some of the most ridiculous components of men’s grooming.

[via menshealth]