​5 Reasons Women Avoid Having Sex

By Amber 0

Sex should feel good—but 11 percent of the women in the survey actually reported feeling pain during sex.

In fact, a separate study of nearly 7,000 British women also found that 1 in 13 women feel physical pain during sex. This made women more likely to feel uninterested in sex. Plus, they also had more trouble getting wet and reaching orgasm.

Focusing on foreplay, oral sex, and a using little lube (we love this one from the Men’s Health store) when she needs extra help can help remedy the situation, says lead study author Kirstin Mitchell, Ph.D. (Here’s how you can make sure she’s enjoying sex just as much as you are.)

Focusing on making her feel good will lead to less pain and more arousal, which ultimately leads to more (and better) sex for the both of you.

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