Stay-at-Home Dad Wins Over Web with Post-It Notes for Wife

By Maximum PC 0

It’s not easy to be a stay-at-home dad.

But it can be hilarious!

That’s what Chris Illuminati discovered in 2010 after his son was born and he quit his job to play the role of main child-raiser in his family.

It was a challenge, he explains on his official website, Message With a Bottle, which is what prompted Chris to start tacking messages around the home for himself and his wife.

“As a joke (because I’ve never taken anything in life seriously), I wrote down even the simplest of tasks and pinned it to my bulletin board,” Illuminati says. “I forgot all about the note. I also forgot to change the baby.”

Now with a son and daughter, Chris has been featured on Good Morning America and become Internet famous for the notes he writes in reference to himself, his kids and his wife (often referred to as “Permanent Roommate”).

We’ve shared a few of our favorites below…

1. Being a Child Whisperer

Being a Child Whisperer

NBD, kid. Most things in life just aren’t as big a deal as you think they are in the moment.

2. It’s Not a Monster

It's Not a Monster

I mean, it may be a monster of a human being, but still.

3. Dogs vs. Kids

Dogs vs. Kids

Sadly, it’s not even a competition at times.

4. The Bad News?

The Bad News?

I’m a bad cook. The good news? My kids have overcome at least one of their fears.

5. More Potty Talk

More Potty Talk

And, sadly, other things related to the potty as well.

6. Alcohol or Children?

Alcohol or Children?

Don’t make me choose. Please.

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