Matty B Covers Taylor Swift

Matty B is back!

And this time the very young rapper is taking on Taylor Swift, covering her new single “I Knew You Were Trouble” like only he can.

Watch and listen:

870c5  matty b raps taylor swift Matty B Covers Taylor Swift

Matty B Raps Taylor Swift

This isn’t the first time Matty B has covered Taylor, either.

What do you think of his “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” rendition?


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  1. i love you matty b you are a very good soinger and you arre the best danser me and my freinds kayla dayna tom and all the rest <3 :) :) :)
    you rock can yuo pls vs jc to a batool

  2. Anonymous

    i love you matti b LOVE

  3. Anonymous

    Hi matty b

  4. Anonymous

    i love you so much

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  6. khjl-dkfnj

    i love you matty b

  7. Anonymous

    you are really nice

  8. Anonymous

    omg matty b soooooo!cute marry me

  9. Anonymous

    I went out with him

  10. Anonymous

    i do not beileve u i dont think u went out with him.

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  12. Gracie

    hey matty b i love your songs. thier cute. when someone likes someone, i think that the person should know what tha person looks like. i have straberry red hair, my eyes are baby blue, im 10 yrs old and im 4ft 6. my name is Gracie Luella Stevens, alot of people call me ginger cause my hair.

  13. Anonymous

    i love mattyb raps

  14. Anonymous

    ma armastan sind väga kusa elad

  15. matty I wish I can see you I want to have sex with you

  16. kiara

    U are so cute Matty b I’m your bogest fan ever I love u see u at the next consert

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