Lesley Murphy, Bachelor Alum, Announces Double Masectomy

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Lesley Murphy, a former Bachelor contestant who competed for the heart of Sean Lowe back in the way, took to Instagram on Wednesday to make an important announcement.

It concerned her health and test results she recently received from a doctor.

Lesley Murphy

Because she’s at risk for breast and ovarian cancer, Murphy says she will soon undergo a double mastectomy.

Murphy, who you may remember from season 17 of the ABC reality series, explained her reasoning in a social media video and an accompanying caption.

“A couple of weeks ago I found out I’m BRCA2 positive, which means I’m at a high risk for breast and ovarian cancer one day,” the Arkansas native wrote wrote, adding:

“Buzzzz kill. I know. But it’s true what they say – knowledge is power.”

Murphy, who is making a decision similar to the one made https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2013/05/angelina-jolie-undergoes-double-mastectomy-to-prevent-breast-can/https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2013/05/angelina-jolie-undergoes-double-mastectomy-to-prevent-breast-can/, continued as follows:

“I’m left with a few options and have decided that preventative surgery is what I want over various screenings multiple times a year.

“A double mastectomy at 2freaking9. Wtf?! Yep, it’s happening.”

Lesley Murphy Photo

In the video, the former political consultant – whose mother is a breast cancer survivor – elaborated on her choice to get a mastectomy at such a young age.

“My mom had breast cancer three years ago this month and she is a badass. And I hope to grow up to be like her.

“And this is me trying. So I think the right move is just to take care of it right now and do the double mastectomy.

“I’m 29. It sounds young, but I’m not getting any younger.”

Murphy wants to make it clear that she doesn’t want your pity.

She isn’t even looking for well wishes.

She just wants to send an inspiring message and maybe help other women in the process.

Lesley Murphy Picture

“In no way am I looking for pity through this story,” she wrote.

“I’ve wanted to share the news since the beginning simply to be an advocate for early screenings, detections and girl power.”

Murphy’s surgery is scheduled for April 11.

We wish her the very best and we admire her for making such a brave and difficult decision.

We hope others out there follow her example, get checked and take the necessary precautions based on the results.

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