LeAnn Rimes Posts Nipple Pic on Instagram, Denies It

By Rob 0

Usually the most interesting thing on LeAnn Rimes’ Instagram page is her latest Brandi Glanville trash-talk.

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But it was a different kind of shade that caught fans’ attention when LeAnn posted the pic below to her Instagram page today.

LeAnn Rimes Nip Slip Photo

Check out the lower left corner of Leann’s 37,000th bikini selfie. That sure looks like a nipple, but LeAnn refuses to admit it and claims that it’s just an awkwardly-placed shadow.

Our first inclination is to call BS, but believe it or not, it may actually just be an optical illusion.

We’re conditioned to think that 90% of what comes out LeAnn’s mouth is totally fabricated, but in this case, she might actually be telling the truth.

For starters, LeAnn Rimes bikini selfies are an almost-daily occurrence in the summer. We’re guessing she takes about a hundred for every one that actually gets posted, and they’re all pretty heavily scrutinized.

Knowing that, it’s tough to imagine something as major as a nip slip making it through to her Instagram page.

Speaking of The ‘Gram, the most compelling argument of all might be the fact that this pic is still on LeAnn’s page.

If you’re at all familiar with Insta, you know the site’s no-nipple policy is strictly enforced, even when the nipples are Chrissy Teigen’s.

No one is given a pass, especially LeAnn, whose army of haters have probably reported this pic a dozen times already.

So we may have missed out on a nipple today, but we learned a valuable lesson: sometimes, LeAnn Rimes tells the truth.

[via thehollywoodgossip]