Kamilla Osman: Kim Kardashian Lookalike Stuns Instagram!

By Christina 0

Kim Kardashian’s high-end wardrobe and famously gigantic ass have inspired plenty of style imitators, but most simply lack the funds and the dimensions to pull off Mrs. Kardashian-West’s signature look.

Sure, Kylie Jenner is transforming into Kim before our eyes, but with her Kylie’s cash and willingness to go under the knife, she could turn herself into Danny Devito if she wanted to, so that’s just cheating.

For a natural Kim doppelganger, you need to check out the Instagram page of Toronto fashion blogger Kamilla Osman.

Kamilla isn’t quite as curvy as Kim (who is?), but of all the celebrity lookalikes who have gone viral in the past, we can’t think of a more spot-on dead-ringer.

We imagine it’s only a matter of time before Kamilla gets the call to serve as Kim’s on-call paparazzi decoy.

1. Kamilla Osman: Kim’s Twin

Kamilla osman kims twin
From some angles it’s unbelievable how much Kamilla looks like Kim. And unlike her doppelgänger, Kamilla hasn’t had any work done to look like Kim!

2. Kamilla Osman Looks a LOT Like Kim Kardashian

Kamilla osman looks a lot like kim kardashian
Kamilla Osman looks an awful lot like Kim Kardashian. In fact, she looks more like Kim than some of her sisters! (We’re looking at you, Khloe!)

3. Kamilla Osman: Kim Kardashian’s Twin

Kamilla osman kim kardashians twin
In some pics, the resemblance between Kim and Kamilla is hard to believe. This one is unreal.

4. Kamilla Osman Poses Like Kim Kardashian

Kamilla osman poses like kim kardashian
Kamilla even has Kim’s favorite poses down. Observe, as she flawlessly executes the Coy Over-the-Shoulder glance.

5. Kamilla Osman: Or Is That Kim?

Kamilla osman or is that kim
Have we mentioned this girl looks like Kim Kardashian? Maybe this is an actual photo of Kim we threw into the mix just to mess with you! Just kidding, it’s Kamilla. You need to work on those trust issues.

6. Kamilla Osman: Fun House Mirror Kim Kardashian

Kamilla osman fun house mirror kim kardashian
Kamilla’s butt isn’t as big as Kim’s. Kim’s waist isn’t as tiny as Kim’s. They’re both super hot.