Jana Duggar: Comments About Jessa Depress Fans

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If you’re a fan of the Duggar clan, by now you’re probably already familiar with the narrative surrounding Jana Duggar.

Jana is the “Cinderella Duggar,” forced to remain at home and help care for her parents massive brood while her brothers and sisters marry and start families of their own.

That characterization might be a a bit inaccurate (There could be plenty of reasons that Jana has chosen not to marry.), but in fairness, Jana doesn’t do much to disabuse fans of the notion that she’s basically a put-upon fairytale character.

Jana Duggar is Not Impressed

In an interview with TLC that was recorded several months ago but released this week, Jana offers some insights into what she’s most looking forward to in 2017.

“Jessa’s going to be having her little one, so I’ll be at that birth and looking forward to that,”

It may seem harmless that Jana’s most anticipated event of the year is Jessa welcoming her second child, but apparently, the remark struck a nerve for some viewers.

“So sad. At this age their lives should be full of excitement and promise. The only important things going on for them are projects and Jessa’s new baby,” one fan commented on the Duggars’ official Facebook page.

Jana Duggar Promo Photo

“She has nothing else to do but wait around for another sister to give birth. Jana your killing me. Your young your beautiful, grab some life and live it girl,” wrote another viewer.

Look, if Jana wants to leave the house and start her own family and is being prevented from doing so, that’s legitimately very sad.

But this might be a case of fans reading a bit too much into an off-hand comment.

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