Avoid these eating and drinking habits to maximize efficiency of healthy foods

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Has it occurred to you despite healthy eating ,you are experiencing fatigue ,indigestion, acid reflux and bloating among other digestive issues? You should know that, with healthy foods , healthy eating habits are also essential for maintaining good health. What the video to learn harmful eating and drinking habits to maximize the efficiency of your healthy Read More

Russell Crowe Shut Downs Body Shamers In True 'Gladiator' Form

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*A moment of silence for Russell Crowe’s hot bod* — Page Six (@PageSix) March 28, 2017 One Twitter user commented that shock jock Howard Stern had made a reference to the photo, saying that Crowe was working hard “to stay thin and in shape.” Crowe’s response? I can bench press young Howard … he Read More

This Bust of Cristiano Ronaldo Will Haunt Your Nightmares

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This is unfortunate. Madeira obviously loves this guy, but someone was apparently not all that critical of the bronze before it’s big debut. The only similarities that can actually be drawn is that they nailed his signature hair, which should have been simple to do anyway, because it’s pretty obvious Ronaldo’s hair is made out Read More

'6 Things I Learned Trying a Boxer's Workout'

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“And this,” Algieri says later, “isn’t close to how I train.” But it’s enough to show why boxing training has seen a mini-resurgence among celebrities (Google Adriana Lima’s workout), why Gleason’s is filled with sweat-soaked youngsters, and why this is a perfect changeup to your typical cardio or HIIT routine. Algieri, fresh off serving as Read More

Tinder Is About to Be Easier Than Ever to Use While You're at Work

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On Tuesday, much to the delight of easily-aroused people with limited phone storage, or those living in areas with crappy connections, Tinder announced that it was no longer simply a mobile app, as the company opted to launch a web browser-based version called Tinder Online that you can use on your desktop. Now, instead of Read More

This Study Is Looking for People With Superhero-Style Memories​

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Scientists at the sleek-sounding pharmaceutical company Dart NeuroScience (DNS) are looking for people with the best natural memories in the world. Traditionally focusing on technologies and advances that will improve cognitive strength and longevity, DNS is now heading a project they call the Extreme Memory Challenge, where they compile the results of potentially millions of Read More

Yes, You Can Go to Jail for Listening to Ed Sheeran​

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A judge says Bryce caused an “wholly unacceptable level of disturbance” and handed her the eight-week sentence after a six-week sentence in December clearly failed to teach her anything about civic responsibility. “You must learn that you should behave as a reasonable and responsible adult and not make life for your neighbors the misery that Read More