​This Fearless Instagram Model Survived a Shark Attack

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“My highlight on that day, besides the pigs, was swimming with sharks in Compass Cay, which was very fun until one got a little hungry and decided to bite me,” she wrote. “I cannot tell you the second of shock I felt when I saw this shark opening his mouth and grabbing my hand.” Whoa! Read More

When Should You Be Drinking—Day or Night?

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“Your metabolism is functioning 24 hours of the day,” she told NY Mag. She did, however, acknowledge that what we do during and after drinking counts for something. For example, most of us day-drinking usually are sitting and eating, and most night-drinkers are usually standing and might not eat for a few hours later. The Read More

​10 Ways to Nail the Athleisure Look This Season

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The beauty of athleisure is how easy it is—you don’t have to overthink it, and it’s hard to go too wrong. But with a few tips you can make sure your athleisure style is always on point! Here are my top 10. GO HIGH AND LOW Athleisure is all about mixing fitness and fashion, but Read More