Cuba’s Stark Technology Gap, Charted

With the first phone call between U.S. and Cuban presidents since the Cuban revolution, the process for normalizing the relationship between the two nations began this week. Harold Trinkunas, a researcher at the Brookings Institution, suggests that as restrictions on travel and trade with Cuba begin to ease, there could could be new opportunities for Cuba’s emerging middle class. Plenty of American companies are no doubt keen to enter a new market.

In the technology sector, a way to measure the potential of the Cuban market is to ask: How many people have even a land line, like the one Raul Castro used to chat with Barack Obama on Tuesday?

The answer: There are 1.21 million lines for a population of 11.25 million.

Cuba Compared to Similarly Populous Nations

ff130c27c Cubas Stark Technology Gap, Charted
CIA World Factbook/Quartz

According to the CIA World Factbook, Cuba ranks 68th among the countries of the world in land lines, 79th in Internet subscriptions, and 149th in cellphones. (Interestingly, one of the other few remaining self-styled socialist nations—North Korea—has about as many cellphones as Cuba, albeit with twice the population.)

The room for growth, then, is huge. But don’t expect it to happen overnight. Clifford Shultz, a Loyola University Chicago business professor who has researched Cuba’s infrastructure prospects, compares Cuba’s situation to that of Vietnam in the 1970s. “The government will act conservatively at first, but they’ll realize the Internet—or fax machines, in Vietnam’s case—are a good thing,” he says. (Full disclosure: Shultz is my uncle.)

And American companies shouldn’t expect an easy stroll into a new market: Lots of other countries have already made large investments in Cuba—such as the deep-sea cable hooking the island up to more reliable Internet access from Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica. “We’re the last on the outside looking in,” says Shultz.

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rc Cubas Stark Technology Gap, Charted

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Four rounds confirmed for Seaboard Marine CMRC 2015

The Caribbean Motor Racing Championship (CMRC) will be fought out over four rounds for the first time in 2015. Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago will each host a round of the premier regional championship, with Seaboard Marine confirmed as title sponsor for the sixth year.
Just days after a landmark weekend for regional motor sport, during which two-man teams from the four host countries faced one another in the inaugural ROC Caribbean (December 13) at the Race Of Champions staged at Bushy Park Barbados, the Caribbean Motor Racing Association (CMRA) announced next year’s dates.
Ray Rahaman, Chairman of the CMRA Management Committee, which administers the CMRC’s sporting and technical regulations, said: “We are motivated by the success of the restructured 2014 series, with revised regulations that allowed for the most subscribed and competitive race car and driver participation on our regional racetracks to date.
“Regional motor racing can only become more exciting in 2015 when we stage a four-round series, and with additional emphasis on all the classes that will support Group 4, as we spread the net wider and include more competitors.”
Seaboard Marine’s Vice President, Caribbean Division, Stephen Bell said: “We are very pleased to continue our sponsorship of the CMRC and are looking forward to working with the Caribbean Motor Racing Association to enhance the appeal of the series and to foster great camaraderie among Caribbean peoples.”
The Championship will kick off in Jamaica over the weekend of February 28/March 1, which is earlier than usual – in recent years, CMRC has started in May – with Trinidad & Tobago hosting round two on June 20/21; the third round will be in Barbados on September 12/13, with the decider in Guyana, on November 14/15.
Not only does the curtain-raiser move to an earlier date, but also away from Dover Raceway to a new venue, the Jamwest Speedway, as part of a huge launch of Jamaica’s 2015 motor sport season, the International SpeedWest Weekend. Charles Chen, Chairman of the Jamaica Race Drivers’ Club (JRDC), the CMRA affiliate in Jamaica, said: “Having missed the chance to host a round of the CMRC in 2014, we’re excited about this new venture. We recognise that the success of the CMRC is important and that it will always drive the best out of us and therefore improve the quality of our sport locally.”
The Trinidad & Tobago Automobile Sports Association (TTASA) returned to the Championship for the first time in eight years as a host club in 2014, after motor sport enthusiasts from across the island joined forces to restore the Wallerfield circuit to a useable condition. TTASA President Robert Amar said: “As the Caribbean solidifies the Championship and new infrastructure in the sport becomes available, we anticipate sponsors will be attracted to support the CMRC, which will soon become the region’s premier motor racing event.”
After missing out on hosting the CMRC last year for the first time since 2008, because the redevelopment of Bushy Park was already under way, Barbados staged the opening round of the 2014 series earlier than usual in July. Bushy Park Motor Sports Inc (BPMSI) Chairman Sean Maloney explained: “The Barbados round has traditionally been in late August or early September, and we are pleased to move back, as this year’s date meant some clashes with other island activities, which impacted on our event.”
The only date in the calendar to remain in the same slot is the traditional season finale at the South Dakota Circuit. Guyana Motor Racing & Sports Club (GMR&SC) President John Carpenter commented: “Each year, our motor racing season builds towards the Final Showdown of the CMRC, which always provides close and spectacular racing. As the winners of both the Country Championship and Group 4 Drivers title in 2014, we look forward to welcoming the cream of regional drivers to settle next year’s competition.”
Further details of the sporting and technical regulations of the 2015 CMRC will be announced in the coming weeks.
Seaboard Marine Caribbean Motor Racing Championship 2015
February 28/March 1 – round 1, Jamwest, Jamaica
June 20/21 – round 2, Wallerfield, Trinidad & Tobago
September 12/13 – round 3, Bushy Park Barbados
November 14/15 – round 4, South Dakota, Guyana

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How to Cook Spaghetti Squash (and Why)

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mf138 How to Cook Spaghetti Squash (and Why)

rc How to Cook Spaghetti Squash (and Why)
rc How to Cook Spaghetti Squash (and Why)
rc How to Cook Spaghetti Squash (and Why)

a2 How to Cook Spaghetti Squash (and Why)a2t How to Cook Spaghetti Squash (and Why) How to Cook Spaghetti Squash (and Why)
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Spencer Sutherland Premieres Cover Video For ‘This Christmas’!

large 22493971 Spencer Sutherland Premieres Cover Video For This Christmas!

orig 22493913 Spencer Sutherland Premieres Cover Video For This Christmas!

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with some new music from Spencer Sutherland!? Spencer did his own cover of Chris Brown‘s “This Christmas” and we are so in love with it! 

“I love how the song “This Christmas” is all about enjoying the magic of the holiday traditions and spending time with family which is VERY important to me!”  -Spencer Sutherland

Watch this video and let us know what you think of it in the comments below! 


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Rockstar Has A Festive Surprise For Grand Theft Auto Online Players

GTAOnlineHoliday14 610 Rockstar Has A Festive Surprise For Grand Theft Auto Online Players

Snow isn’t a regular sight in Los Santos, but Rockstar has worked some magic to make it happen. The Grand Theft Auto Online Festive Surprise event kicks off today.

If you want to unwrap something explosive, head over to Ammu-Nation for a homing launcher and proximity mines. And if you happen to miss out on the seasonal festivities, don’t worry. These are available permanently.

Rockstar is also introducing new vehicles to the online world. The Hot Rod Christmas Ratloader, Slam Van, Massacro, and Jester can be purchased now and driven even after the snow melts.

If you want to dress up your hoodlum for the season, you can get free clothing (seaters, hats, scarves) and masks. They’ll disappear on January 5, though. 

Check in with Grand Theft Auto online on Christmas for some gifts in your inventory. You can also temporarily get the fireworks launcher and ammunition on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day. This is a time-limited item though, so make the most of it before January 5.

These items are part of a title update rolling out on all four platforms today. You should be able to download it shortly. And in case you missed the news, Rockstar has started talking about what (and when) to expect from Grand Theft Auto Online heists.

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 Rockstar Has A Festive Surprise For Grand Theft Auto Online Players

London’s highest selling book is ‘Unfinished Autobiography’

unfinished autobiography London’s highest selling book is ‘Unfinished Autobiography’‘The Unfinished Biography of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’ has been sold, most among the other top political leaders written in Bengali language in the last year in London.

Sangita Library is the only institution that buys and sells Bengali and other mainstream literary in London. It is situated in the historic Brick Lane in East London named Bengali Curry (Spiced Food). One of the owners Shanur Miah said the book unfinished biography of Bangabandhu was sold 380 copies in last six months. They could sell more if they get the book immediately after the release.

He said the book has a huge demand for the general readers, though seven hundred copies of the book have been distributed free among the activists of the Awami League of London. It still has a good response. Relatively the price of the book is high in comparison to other books. It costs 18 pounds in London currency and 2500 taken in Bangladeshi currency.

Official of Sangeeta Limited Jahir Uddin said twenty copies of first lady and former Foreign minister Hilary Rodham Clinton’s ‘Living History’. 30-35 pieces book written by Mohammad Ali Jinnah of Pakistan. Twenty copies of ‘In the Life of Fire’ written by the former president of Pakistan Pervez Mosharrof. Ten copies of Myanmar’s Nobel winner Aung San Suu Kyi ‘The Voice of Hope’. Twenty copies of ‘A Journey’ written by former Prime Minister of London Tony Blair. Twenty copies of ‘Songs of Blood and Sword’ written by Fatima Bhutto of Pakistan. And the book written by the Chief Minister of West Bengal, Momota Banerjee is being sold well.

But now the book of AK Khondokar ‘Inside Out’, ‘My Father and Leader’ written by Sharmin Ahmed and Moudud Ahmed’s ‘Emergency and the Aftermath’ are in good response. These books are being sold well; though the prices of these books are high enough said Zahir Ahmed.

Sangeeta received six books written by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on 10th December. There are also expected to sell well.

 London’s highest selling book is ‘Unfinished Autobiography’

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PSP, MOE, MCYS U-17 School’s F/Ball …Semi-finals spots booked

Tutorial High School will face St George’s High School, while North Ruimveldt Multilateral battle Queenstown Community High in tomorrow’s semi-final of the Premier Sports Promotions, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport under-17 School’s Football tournament at Ministry of Education ground.

David Coates puts Queenstwon the lead yesterday as beat goal keeper Larriheo Eastman to his right 300x176 PSP, MOE, MCYS U 17 School’s F/Ball …Semi finals spots booked

David Coates puts Queenstown the lead yesterday as beat goal keeper Larriheo Eastman to his right.

Played in rain, on a wet and slippery ground which had puddles of water on it, four second half goals led Tutorial to a 4-1 drubbing over St Mary’s in yesterday’s opening game.
After a goalless first half, Mario Padmore opened the account in the 48th minute before Terrence Shepherd equalized in 59th minute.
David Coates then beat Goalkeeper Larriheo Eastman twice in the space of 10 minutes before Zion Gray closed off the game in the 73rd minute when he too found the back of the nets.
In the second game which was played in bright sunshine on a ground that was still soggy, Lodge thought they has scored from a free kick early in the match only to see the linesman’s flag raised to signal ‘off-side’ and the goal did not count.
Although Lodge looked the slightly better team collectively, Queenstown looked the fitter unit especially since the teams had to kick the ball harder due soft ground.
When it seemed as if neither team would score in the first 40 minutes the talented Kelsie ‘Neymar’ Benjamin collected a true ball from the left side and dribbled a defender with lots of flair. With only the advancing Keeper to beat, Benjamin did so with consummate ease before embarking on his an exaggerated celebration which climaxed with him ‘high fiving’ his Coach and teammates on the Bench. The goal gave Queenstown the lead in the 33rd minute.
In the second half both teams counterattacked furiously and both sides wasted some clears shots on Goal as the tempo picked up.  Benjamin led the raids on the Lodge Goal but although he exhibited some dazzling maneuvers he was often guilty of keeping to ball too long as he sacrificed not passing the ball to his screaming teammates for personal glory. But at just 15 and already a senior team player at Santos, he is certainly one for the future.
The ‘final-four’ stage of the 16-team tournament has arguably the best four teams involved in what will be 90-minute games.
Tutorial advanced by beating East Ruimveldt and St Mary’s, while St George’s qualified by getting the better of Bishop’s High after being awarded a walkover against Dolphin Secondary.
Multi hammered Richard Ishmael and St Stanislaus to earn a place in tomorrow’s second semi-final and will face-off with Queenstown Secondary who defeated St John’s and Lodge in the previous encounters.   (Sean Devers)

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