NHL Pro Hockey Playoffs Sports Betting Odds Previews for Tuesday May 5th

The NHL second round of the playoffs continues on Tuesday May 5th as there are two outstanding games scheduled over national television to greatly satisfy the appetites of sports bettors worldwide.

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The action gets started at 8PM Eastern Time on NBC Sports Network as the Minnesota Wild will host the Chicago Blackhawks in Game 3 of their playoff series. The current odds available for wagering at Oddsmaker, where the bonuses are the best in the business have the home side Minnesota Wild the –140 wagering favorite with the return on the underdog Chicago Blackhawks at +120 odds. The goal total came in at five goals. The Blackhawks head into Minnesota up 2-0 in this series. The Blackhawks scorers have come through in this series as the team has scored four goals in each of the two games. When you give goaltender Corey Crawford four goals he is going to be hard to beat. After losing his starting job to Scott Darling it has been Crawford with a 3-1 record in the playoffs with a goal against average of 3.14. Right wing Patrick Kane had two goals in Game 2 with the Blackhawks stars Jonathan Toews and Patrick Sharp adding goals of their own.

The late night game goes off at 9:30PM Eastern Time on USA Network as the Calgary Flames will host the Anaheim Ducks. The Game 3 odds have the road side Anaheim Ducks the -130 wagering favorite with the return on the home underdog Calgary Flames at +110 odds. The goal total is set at five goals. The Anaheim Ducks are a perfect 6-0 in the playoffs after their 3-0 victory in Game 2 at home to the Calgary Flames to take the 2-0 series lead. Anaheim had the best record in the Western conference this season. They have allowed just one goal in the first two games of this series. In their series sweep in the opening round against Winnipeg the Ducks faced a third period deficit in each of the first three games. Calgary has a tremendous home ice advantage and it was evident in the first round as the Flames were a perfect 3-0 at home against Vancouver.

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How NBA Teams Campaign for Their MVP Candidates

On Monday, the National Basketball Association announced that Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry had been named the league’s most valuable player. Despite the impressive victory—Curry garnered 100 of the 129 first-place votes from members of the press—this was one of the more competitive MVP races in recent history.

Ahead of the voting, Curry seemed an odds-on favorite, despite some support among pundits and players for second-place finisher James Harden of Houston as well as four-time MVP LeBron James of Cleveland and Russell Westbrook of Oklahoma City. With commentators largely vacillating between Curry and Harden throughout the year, team public relations offices launched campaigns to make their cases to voting members of the press.

In such an intriguing year, the criteria for determining what makes a player “valuable” was more subjective than ever. Week after week, analysts debated the merits of the leading players. The various splits in the MVP narrative not only made for a heightened publicity campaign, but also shaped the way teams lobbied for their respective candidates. Here’s a glimpse at how the campaigns broke down.

Winner: Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry led the Warriors to an otherworldly kind of season. The team netted a league-high and franchise-record 67 wins, seven better than the closest team. Along the way, Curry broke the all-time NBA record for three-pointers made, ruined lives with late-game heroics, and dazzled crowds with his electric offensive play.

Despite all this, Curry didn’t appear to be a lock for the award for a few reasons. He played on a team that stayed healthy for most of the year and had a number of other players very ably back him up. In other words, he was the best player on the best team.

The Warriors campaign for Curry has been described as a low-key and old school affair. The Warriors media team simply called each of the voting members and emphasized that Curry had led his team to 67 wins, only the 10th team in league history to win that many games. According a voting member from the Orange County Register, the Warriors campaign helped to persuade him to change his vote from Harden to Curry.

2nd Place: James Harden, Houston Rockets

Unlike Curry, James Harden was the best player on a heavily injured and inconsistent Houston team. As the league’s second-leading scorer (behind Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook), Harden shouldered more of the Rockets’ offensive load than he probably should have, at times willing his team to finish second in the Western Conference behind the Warriors.

With Rockets star center Dwight Howard out for half of the season, Harden led the NBA in free throws, minutes, and points as well as win shares, an advanced statistic that measures how many victories a certain player’s contributions add to a team’s total. Accordingly, the Rockets put together a publicity bid for Harden’s season that emphasized his all-around performance on a team that badly needed his help.

“The Rockets were more cutting edge, producing a hard-bound book that, when opened, delivers to voters a slick video campaign message,” wrote Jeff Faraudo of the San Jose Mercury News. “The inside cover has a sleeve that holds three large cards with more statistical reminders of the season Harden has assembled.”

With total votes counted, Harden was the closest runner-up in MVP voting in four years.

The Field

While third and fourth place finishers LeBron James and Russell Westbrook didn’t have a dedicated campaign blitz behind them, the two remained in the conversation for very different reasons. In James’ return to Cleveland, his team’s play was preternaturally lousy when James was injured or off the court. (They finished second in the Eastern Conference.) Meanwhile, Westbrook captivated fans by leading the league in scoring with teammate and former MVP Kevin Durant out for most of the season.

Then, of course, there’s New Orleans forward Anthony Davis, who finished in fifth place. In just his third season, the star forward made his team suddenly relevant again as the Pelicans made the playoffs for the first time since the team changed their name from the Hornets. In a sly push, the team sent out dolls with Davis’ unique likeness to MVP voters.

Davis became the youngest player to finish in the top five of the MVP race in six years.

While Curry may have scored a very prestigious piece of hardware on Monday, the award hasn’t always translated into the ne plus ultra of hoop dreams, an NBA championship. Since the NBA started handing out MVP awards in 1956, only 22 of the winners played on teams that went on to win a title. Nevertheless, many are betting heavily on Curry to win both.

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Rihanna spotted heading to a hotel before MET Gala

Today is the MET Gala day and Rihanna was already seen heading to a hotel in NYC to get ready! Although her appearance was not officially confirmed, the singer is expected to show up. Rihanna was sharing #throwback pictures of her past MET Gala appearances on Instagram today bringing even more hype to the occasion. Make sure to check RD later tonight for another update!

Check out some pictures from her hotel arrival here.

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Nepal’s Recovery Stalls

Nine days after a major earthquake struck Nepal, the country remains mired in a humanitarian crisis. The death toll from the disaster stands at more than 7,200, while many thousands more are injured. The earthquake destroyed at least 70,000 buildings throughout the country, and officials estimate that more than 75 percent of those left standing in Kathmandu are uninhabitable or unsafe. More than 2.8 million Nepalis—roughly 10 percent of the population—have been displaced, and several million are in dire need of food, water, and sanitation services.

International assistance is essential in addressing the immense challenges posed by the April 25 quake. But on Sunday, government officials barred airplanes carrying aid from landing at Kathmandu’s Tribhuwan International Airport on account of damage sustained by the airport’s lone runway. Tribhuwan is Nepal’s only international airport and, in a landlocked country with poor road and rail infrastructure, its most important transportation hub. Nepal’s mountainous topography and poor infrastructure have made it difficult for rescuers to reach many of the hardest-hit villages. But the country’s unstable and ineffective government—not its geography—remains its biggest liability.

According to a UN official, Nepali customs regulators have been slow to process incoming aid, and many materials have piled up at Kathmandu Airport. Krishna Gyawali, a senior bureaucrat in Sindhulpalchowk district, estimated to The Guardian that aid operations have only met 20 percent of need. Nevertheless, on Monday the Nepali government asked remaining international rescue workers to depart the country, having determined that they were no longer needed.

Nine years after a decade-long civil war, Nepali politics are characterized by gridlock and instability—problems that have been on display in the aftermath of the disaster. Aware that the area around Kathmandu is susceptible to earthquakes, the Nepali government established building codes mandating that new structures be earthquake-proof. But enforcement was often lacking.

“There is complete lack of accountability,” Krishna Kanal, a Nepali political analyst, told the Hindustan Times. “This disaster was compounded by the absence of political leadership and will as well as ineffective urban planning and disaster management.”

As Nepal faces its largest reconstruction process in generations, the country’s fractured and ineffective government may be as much a problem as a solution.

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rc Nepals Recovery Stalls

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Who Should Floyd Mayweather’s Final Opponent Be?

After defeating Manny Pacquiao this past weekend, the welterweight champ announced his final fight would be in September.

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Lindsey Graham: If Court Rules Marriage Bans Unconstitutional It Will Be Time To “Move Forward As A Society”

“If the Supreme Court rules sometime this year that same-sex marriage bans are unconstitutional, then that will be a defining moment in that debate. It will be time for us to move forward as a society.”

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, who is expected to announce a presidential bid, says if the Supreme Court rules same-sex marriage bans unconstitutional, then it will be time for Republicans to move on.

Graham told Boston Herald radio on Monday that society is changing and a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and woman is no longer possible.

“Well, can you be for traditional marriage? Yes. Am I for traditional marriage? Yes, I believe marriage has stood the test of time between a man and a woman, ordained by God, and that's — most societies have been organized around that concept,” Graham said.

“Things are changing, so at the end of the day, being for traditional marriage without animosity is where I stand. If the Supreme Court rules sometime this year that same-sex marriage bans are unconstitutional, then that will be a defining moment in that debate. It will be time for us to move forward as a society.”

Graham added he didn't see how a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman was possible.

“I just don't see how you get a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman ratified by 3/4 of the states given the way the lay of the land is today. So the courts gonna hear the case,” he said. “People who are social conservative, hold your head up high. Be proud of speaking for the unborn, I'm a pro-life guy with exceptions of rape and incest. When a woman is raped, it is not the will of God, it is a crime, and the perpetrator should be punished accordingly. The woman will make that decision about what to do after being the victim of a crime.”

Graham concluded that at the end of the today the changing “social structure” is a normal part of democracy.

“But at the end of the day, this whole social structure that's changing is part of democracy, is part of society,” Graham said.

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Rob Kardashian: Suing Family After Khloe’s “Whores” Comment on Keeping Up with the Kardashians?!

Rob Kardashian is reportedly on the verge of suing his own family after sister Khloe’s most recent comments about his behavior on E! last night.

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very large rob kardashian Rob Kardashian: Suing Family After Khloes Whores Comment on Keeping Up with the Kardashians?!
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If you watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online, you know the family is flummoxed by Rob and quite unsure about how to handle his issues.

Long considered a mess at best and a ticking time bomb at worst, rumors of Rob Kardashian suing Kris Jenner have surfaced online before.

Now, with every week his Momager and siblings embarrass him on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the more seriously he takes that idea.

Almost every episode of Season 10 has involved him in some way, while he has yet to appear on screen or been paid for it. He’s pissed off.

First, there was the intervention, then they searched underwear drawer on camera, then Kim basically said he sucks and should be cut off.

On Sunday night’s episode, Khloe talked about Robert throwing a soiree at his house with various “whores,” and clearly didn’t mean that flatteringly.

Having packed on a rumored 100 pounds while battling depression and possibly even crystal meth addiction, Rob’s status is always a mystery.

He recently lashed out at Kim on Instagram and compared her to the “bitch from Gone Girl,” and insiders say that could be the tip of the iceberg.

Rob is allegedly working on a deal for a tell-all book or interview where he will expose his family’s secrets, including the granddaddy of them all:

That Khloe’s father is Alex Roldan. Supposedly. You can’t make this stuff up (actually you can, but not the actual soap opera-esque family drama).

We await his next move … or at least the next story to hit the tabloids and webloids for the latest gossip, because boy is this entertaining.

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