I Don’t Showcase My Booobs, I Got What You Have To See – Yvonne Jegeda

62cb4  yvonne jegede1 I Dont Showcase My Booobs, I Got What You Have To See   Yvonne Jegeda

Yvonne, who has been around for a while now has made it known in a recent interview with Encomium magazine that she doesn’t expose her b**bs like her colleagues in the movie industry.

I don’t expose my cleavage, it was a photo shoot. You don’t see me walking on the street with my cleavage hanging out. It was a photo shoot. I felt I have some features that people should know of. Even with that, some people still believe that she has a lot of b**bs but no behind, that is wrong.

I am coming out to showcase. I think the older I get, the more comfortable I am in my skin. You get secured, more confident with age. If I feel very comfortable showing off my curves, my cleavage, excuse me, it is my body. But I will not walk around unclad. I wear whatever I am comfortable with.
The actress who left Nigeria for America for further studies immediately after featuring in 2face’s “African Queen” video.
62cb4  yvonne jegede5 I Dont Showcase My Booobs, I Got What You Have To See   Yvonne Jegeda

LGC’s Invitational Tournament…Webster, Bhagwandin, Harry and Loutan excel ahead of Guyana Open

Shanella Webster, Mahendra Bhagwandin, Bridgelal Harry and Sunil Loutan seem set

97327  Golf pic LGC’s Invitational Tournament…Webster, Bhagwandin, Harry and Loutan excel ahead of Guyana Open

The winners with President David Mohamad who presented trophies on behalf of the LGC. From left, M. Bhagwandin, S. Loutan, C. Sukhram, Pres. D. Mohamad, Dr P. London, S. Webster, B. Harry and Mo-Shaffie.

to make strides at the upcoming International Guyana Open this weekend. The quartet produced excellent stroke play to emerge winners in Saturday’s Lusignan Golf Club (LGC) Invitational Tournament.
Ladies category champion Shanella Webster simply gave honor to her coach: “I continue to give God thanks for the fantastic, rigorous and exemplary coaching of ‘His Holiness’ Dr London. He continues to push me to greater expectations and performances. My golfing today was evidence of his excellent coaching.”
Winner of the championship flight, – the 0-9 handicap flight – veteran Sunil Loutan spoke about his performance, “I played a very good game. It was reward for my hard practice almost every day of the past week. Look out for me next week at the Guyana Open.”
Captain Chen Deo was pleased with the performances of all 38 players, and was excited that the local golfers will offer strong competition among themselves and against any visitors in the upcoming international Guyana Open Tournament, this Saturday and Sunday. He felt it was noticeable that Vice President Dr London played an excellent game, stunted primarily by a stroke play of 7 on his penultimate par 3 hole.
‘His Holiness’ Dr London commented: “I clearly had the best game in my category, until a distraction at the end of the game threw me off completely, causing me to utilize some 5 extra strokes above par over the last 2 holes. I was on 32 strokes going into the penultimate hole and ended up with a total of 45, adding some 13 strokes where par would have been only 6 more giving me 38, with a net 59 for the game,”
Last Saturday’s game left one almost breathless with anticipation for the exciting play that would take place this weekend at the Guyana Open. All of the top net scores were 68 or less. All of the winners have been doing excellently each week, some winning more than once in the past two months.
Visiting Canadian player Mo-Shaffie already added the international flare, placing 2nd in his category.
Winners in the various flights and their scores were as follows:
Ladies Flight – Shanella Webster 23/68
19-28 Flight – 1st Mahendra Bhagwandin 27/64, 2nd Dr Philbert London 26/64
10-18 Flight – 1st Bridgelal Harry 16/65, 2nd Mo-Shaffie 18/68
0-9 Flight – 1st Sunil Loutan 8/64, 2nd Deosarran Sookram 6/66
Nearest to The Pin was won by Christine Sukhram

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Report: Xbox Entertainment Studios’ Nancy Tellem, Jordan Levin Depart Microsoft

e35b4  XboxEntertainmentStudios 610 Report: Xbox Entertainment Studios’ Nancy Tellem, Jordan Levin Depart Microsoft

Microsoft’s series of layoffs totaling 18,000 employees weren’t confined to the mobile phone division. The doomed Xbox Entertainment Studios was part of the cuts, with the program’s head Nancy Tellem let go earlier this week.

Variety reports on the layoffs, also citing that existing projects that remain unfinished are now abandoned. This contradicts statements made by the company in July that currently in-development initiatives would be seen through before disbanding the studio.

This seems to include the remainder of the Atari-focused Signal to Noise series. The first episode of the miniseries, about the E.T. cartridge excavation in New Mexico, is reportedly complete.

Variety reports that the rights to some of the works have reverted to their creators. Xbox Entertainment Studios is behind the Halo: Nightfall series and the Every Street United programming that ran during the World Cup.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft to get more information on the status of ongoing projects and how the earlier than expected terminations of Nancy Tellem and Jordan Levin impact them. We’ll update should we receive a response.

[Source: Variety]


Our Take
With Xbox Entertainment Studios already given a death sentence, this is simply a matter of timing. It’s possible that Tellem and her staff were able to wrap things up earlier than anticipated, though until and unless Microsoft responds we won’t know if this has impact beyond the closure announced earlier this year.

 Report: Xbox Entertainment Studios’ Nancy Tellem, Jordan Levin Depart Microsoft

Kate Middleton: Losing Dangerous Amounts of Weight Due to Morning Sickness?

Prince William is extremely worried about his wife Kate Middleton’s weight, according to a new report which claims the expectant mom has lost an alarming amount.

The Duchess, allegedly, has dropped seven pounds since she found out she was pregnant with her second child and is now only a modest 108 pounds.

For a woman who’s 5’10” this total is even more slender.

Kate Middleton: Pregnant in Public!
444da  kate middleton returns to public life Kate Middleton: Losing Dangerous Amounts of Weight Due to Morning Sickness?

1. Kate Middleton Returns to Public Life
Kate Middleton made her first public appearance in over two months today. The Duchess helped welcome the president of Singapore to Buckingham Palace.

“She can be sick up to 20 or even 30 times a day,” a source said, due to the hyperemesis gravidarum she is suffering from and also battled back in 2012.

Kate is trying to put on a happy face, despite her health problems (weight related or not) and reports that she and Prince William are fighting constantly.

Some OBGYNs believe Kate should have gained five to seven pounds already, but with her recent loss could be 12-14 pounds underweight instead.

We first learned that William got Kate Middleton pregnant again earlier this fall, when she was forced to cancel a number of royal appearances as a result.

She is feeling better now, but only marginally.

Sources say Kate is also feuding with Princess Beatrice and feeling the pressure from the royal family’s monarch when it comes to getting back to work.

“Queen Elizabeth has a very strong work ethic and hardly had to cancel any duties in her lifetime due to ill health. She will always put work first,” says a source.

“She believes Kate should be doing the same.”

Well, we hope none of this is true, which is very possible, and that Kate is happy, healthy and thriving as she prepares to welcome her second baby in 2015.

Celebrities Who Are Expecting a Baby in 2015
444da  kate middleton smiling again Kate Middleton: Losing Dangerous Amounts of Weight Due to Morning Sickness?

1. Kate Middleton
Another royal baby is on the way! Kate Middleton and Prince William will welcome it into the world in April 2015.

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2014 amfAR LA Inspiration Gala honoring Tom Ford

2fc15  amfar 2014 amfAR LA Inspiration Gala honoring Tom Ford

Rihanna wowed everyone with her stunning dress designed by Tom Ford at the 2014 amfAR LA Inspiration Gala last night. She also presented the amfAR award to the designer.

According to Just Jared, Ri spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on two very special items — $ 35,000 on Harry Winston diamond earrings featuring 72 diamonds set in platinum and $ 100,000 on the photograph “Elizabeth Taylor at the Eden Roc” by Willy Rizzo, signed and numbered by the artist. Proceeds from the gala benefit amfAR’s numerous initiatives, with tables at the event costing philanthropists as much as $ 200,000.

be7dd  thumb 0014 2014 amfAR LA Inspiration Gala honoring Tom Ford be7dd  thumb 0024 2014 amfAR LA Inspiration Gala honoring Tom Ford be7dd  thumb 0029 2014 amfAR LA Inspiration Gala honoring Tom Ford c87b8  thumb 0042 2014 amfAR LA Inspiration Gala honoring Tom Ford c87b8  thumb 007 2014 amfAR LA Inspiration Gala honoring Tom Ford

Watch her speech below:

Rihanna’s admiration for the designer meanwhile appears to be mutual.

Last year, Tom, who has his own successful label and has worked for fashion houses Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent in the past, says he finds his own inspiration in “extreme” stylists like Rih.

“You have to have a point of inspiration. At one point of my life, it would have been Grace Jones. At one point, it would have been Diana Ross… Whenever I’m working on a collection, everything does have to be real, and those outfits are real to me. If I think, ‘OK, who is wearing this and where is she going?’ And I think, ‘OK, that’s Rihanna, and she’s going to her lawyer’s office in that all-black outfit and she’s hung over and that’s why she’s wearing those glasses. Yet she’s still a rock star,’” he told WWD at the time.

According to, Inspiration events have raised more than $ 16 million to benefit the organisation since their inception in 2010.

[source rihannadaily]

YouTube’s 60 FPS Video Update Now Online

309c2  titanfall60fps 610 YouTubes 60 FPS Video Update Now Online

After announcing its intentions earlier this year, YouTube's update for 60 FPS videos is online.

You can find an example of a video featuring the 60 FPS footage below. You will need to be watching the video on Chrome in order to turn up the resolution and the frames per second.

[Via: Kotaku]


Our Take
It's a pretty drastic step up, visually, to watch a video on YouTube in 60 FPS. I personally have never had much of an eye for distinguishing between 1080p and 720p, but the frame rate definitely makes a difference. This is mainly exciting because future videos featuring video games will now be able to offer an experience more indicative of what it actually looks like to play games.

 YouTubes 60 FPS Video Update Now Online

American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 4 Recap: Killing for the Coterie

Happy early Halloween, everyone!

FX celebrated this holiday by wrapping up the Edward Mordrake storyline on American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 4. Did this resurrected soul take anyone with him to the “coterie of companions?”

5c4e9  american horror story season 4 episode 4 American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 4 Recap: Killing for the Coterie
Watch American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 4 Online

One by one, Mordrake visited the freaks. He asked for their sob stories in order to determine their fate.

Elsa, of course, initially believed him to to be Svengali that Esmeralda forecasted wouldd return her to prominence. When it finally dawned on her that he was actually the infamous bogeyman, she argued that “I’m not one of them”… even as Mordrake’s minions yanked off her fake legs.

We learned that Elsa was sadistic dominatrix in Germany in 1932. After filming a snuff movie for her some of her clients, she was drugged and had her legs cut off. With a chainsaw.

Mordrake was about to take Elsa after hearing this tale, but then he heard music…

Jimmy and Esmeralda, meanwhile, were biking back to camp when they witnessed Twist tackling Bonnie after she tried to escape again. They followed him back to the Bus from Hell, but ended up being captured by Dandy.

But Jimmy awoke, saw Dandy trying to saw the (phony) psychic in half (while playing the circus music Mordrake heard) and saved Esmeralda. He yelled at her (and Bonnie, Corey and Mike) to run.

Twisty was about to stab Jimmy when Edward appeared, forcing him to take off his mask and tell his tragic tale.

Turns out, Twisty was driven away by freaks in a different carnival who accused him of molestation. He came back to Jupiter and attempted to make a life at turning junk into toys.

But he failed and at one point tried to kill himself via a rifle in the mouth. However, he couldn’t even do that properly!

Twisty told Edward that he took the children to save them from their “mean” freaks and parents. His intentions were noble.

“You have caused the demon to weep,” said Mordrake, who then stabbed him and added him to the collection of souls.

But when Dandy came back to the bus and saw Twisty’s corpse, he put on the dead clown’s mask. GULP.

Jimmy told everyone at camp about Twisty’s death and Edward claiming his victim. A mob of regular people then arrived and Mike’s dad shook Jimmy’s hand and a potluck actually broke out, which made Elsa very happy: now she could sell out that night’s show!

At the show, Elsa banished the Tattlers from performing and Elsa made an exception for Stanley to attend he introduced himself as Richard Spencer from Hollywood.

Finally, in a frightening event you can relive when you watch American Horror Story online, Dandy returned him and was once again mocked by Dora. But, inspired by the new mask, he finally made good on last week’s promise: he slit her throat and laughed.

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