​3 Classic Chest-Chiseling Exercises

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The inclined angle hits the upper chest more, an area that tends to lag for most dudes because they do so much damn flat pressing. Though dumbbells have historically been recommended over barbells for maximizing muscle growth and chest contractions, Julian claims, “I have seen great results with barbell moves across all muscle groups. They Read More

Liam Payne & Cheryl Cole Welcome First Child!

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There’s officially a new member of the One Direction Dads’ Club! Liam Payne took to Instagram moments ago to confirm that he and girlfriend Cheryl Cole have welcomed a baby boy. It’s the first child for both. Payne confirmed the news by posting the photo above along with a heartfelt message praising his loved ones Read More

Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds Honored in Touching Public Memorial

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It may seem difficult to believe, but it’s been three months now since Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds died. Absolutely heartbreaking, right? On December 23rd, Carrie was on a flight to L.A. when she suffered a massive heart attack. When paramedics were able to get to her on the airport, she was unresponsive. She remained Read More

Jon Gosselin: I’m Going to Be a Stripper!

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This is not a joke. Somehow, someway, this is really happening. Jon Gosselin is going to be a stripper. If you need to take a moment to clutch your pearls or take some calming breaths or to just laugh and laugh about how Kate Gosselin could possibly be reacting to this news, that’s fine. Take your Read More

Chris Brown Drops FILTHY New Song: Is It About Rihanna?!

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Warning: don’t listen to this new Chris Brown track unless you’re prepared to blush for the rest of the day, perhaps the rest of your entire life. Because yes, it is that obscene. For some unfathomable reason, Chris Brown still has a career. Bizarre, right? Yes, he’s talented at singing and dancing and all that, Read More

Farrah Abraham Shares Raciest Video Since Her Sex Tape!!!

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Farrah Abraham has always been a big fan of doing anything and everything for some attention. Bless her simple, desperate little heart. She’s starred in two sex tapes, she’s released her own line of sex toys, she’s “written” an erotic novel. She’s done numerous racy photo shoots, including one with a fellow porn star. She’s Read More