Marshawn Lynch Won Super Bowl Media Day By Saying He Was Only There So He Wouldn’t Get Fined

The notoriously recalcitrant Seattle Seahawk stayed true to tight-lipped form on Tuesday. Money Lynch is fed up with the NFL treating him like an ATM.

During Super Bowl Media Day on Tuesday, Marshawn Lynch answered every question with the same response: “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.”

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Twitter: @xmasape

Lynch’s teammates — especially Richard Sherman — have supported Lynch’s refusal to bow to nonsensical NFL policies.

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Ghostbusters 3 Cast: Revealed!

Who ya gonna call? Apparently, some of the funniest women in comedy!

Yes, it’ll be hard to beat the dream team of Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson, but if anyone’s up to the task, it’s certainly the four women who will be strapping on their proton packs for the highly-anticipated Ghostbusters 3. 

The Hollywood Reporter revealed today that Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon and Melissa McCarthy will be cracking wise and blasting ghouls in the next installment of the iconic franchise.

kristen wiig and melissa mccarthy Ghostbusters 3 Cast: Revealed!
leslie jones photo Ghostbusters 3 Cast: Revealed!
kate mckinnon photo Ghostbusters 3 Cast: Revealed!

McCarthy and Wiig both worked with director Paul Feig on the 2011 hit Bridesmaids.

McKinnon and Jones are two of the most buzzed-about standouts from the current SNL cast. (If you’ve never seen McKinnon’s flawless Justin Bieber impression, click on that link ASAP.) This will be the first major film role for both women.

The announcement of the cast is a major step forward for a film that’s been mired in development hell for several years.

It was originally to serve as a straightforward sequel starring the original cast, but director Ivan Reitman dropped out after the death of Ramis last year. Murray, Aykroyd and Hudson followed suit shortly thereafter.

When Feig announced his intention to reboot the franchise with an all-female cast, some fans were skeptical. (Hudson stated flat-out that he doesn’t think it’ll work).

But after the announcement of a cast like this we can’t imagine that many fans aren’t eagerly anticipating what’s sure to be a different (and hilarious) take on four beloved characters.

36 Memorable Movie Posters
gone girl photo Ghostbusters 3 Cast: Revealed!

1. Gone Girl Poster
Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike star in Gone Girl. The latter earned an Oscar nomination for her role.

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Wildfox Gypsy Spring 15

large 22680477 Wildfox Gypsy Spring 15

orig 22665675 Wildfox Gypsy Spring 15orig 22665677 Wildfox Gypsy Spring 15orig 22665680 Wildfox Gypsy Spring 15orig 22665682 Wildfox Gypsy Spring 15orig 22665685 Wildfox Gypsy Spring 15orig 22665686 Wildfox Gypsy Spring 15orig 22665688 Wildfox Gypsy Spring 15orig 22665690 Wildfox Gypsy Spring 15

orig 22665672 Wildfox Gypsy Spring 15

Photos: Mark Hunter with Kimberley Gordon

Models: Jena Goldsack, Alyssah Ali, Clare Settje

Hair: Ryan Taniguchi

Makeup: Carlene K

Styling: Kimberley Gordon & Toree Arntz, jewelry by FAUXTALE

Production team: Kimberley Gordon, Toree Arntz, Stephanie lavaggi , Jessie Kybartas

Set production: Justine Mcfee and Matthew Heinrich with Catherine Macfee design

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On This Day: An Air Battle Over Belgium in 1945

Seventy years ago today, on January 27, 1945, a German pilot was captured in a dramatic photograph, hurtling through the air, legs outstretched, high above the frigid landscape of Belgium, after hastily exiting his damaged plane in mid-air. The German aircraft had just been badly damaged by .50-calibre fire from a P-47 fighter bomber flown by Major James Dalglish, a U.S. pilot in the 354th Fighter Group of the 9th Air Force, from Rome, New York. The air battle took place at the end of the Battle of the Bulge, the largest battle fought by the U.S. in World War II. The German plane exploded shortly after this photograph was taken, the fate of the German pilot was unspecified.  (AP Photo/Maj. James Dalglish)

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mf183 On This Day: An Air Battle Over Belgium in 1945

rc On This Day: An Air Battle Over Belgium in 1945
rc On This Day: An Air Battle Over Belgium in 1945
rc On This Day: An Air Battle Over Belgium in 1945

a2 On This Day: An Air Battle Over Belgium in 1945a2t On This Day: An Air Battle Over Belgium in 1945 On This Day: An Air Battle Over Belgium in 1945
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NBA Pro Basketball TV Games Sports Betting Match Up Previews for Wednesday

Wednesday night NBA on ESPN for January 28th will feature two outstanding matchups scheduled that will greatly satisfy the appetites for sports bettors worldwide to build up those bankrolls for the upcoming Super Bowl on Sunday. The action gets going at 8PM Eastern Time.

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Game 1 of the doubleheader will feature the surprise of the NBA the Atlanta Hawks playing host to the underperforming Brooklyn Nets. Things get started from Atlanta at 8PM Eastern Time on ESPN TV. After blowing out Minnesota on Sunday the Atlanta Hawks will carry a 16 game winning streak into this contest. The Hawks are the number one scoring defense in the NBA by giving up 96 points per game. The team has shown the ability to win on back to back nights. Also in horrible sports playing their fourth game in five nights and playing their first home game after a long road trip. Their roster is compiled of good NBA players who are in their prime of their career. Guard Kyle Korver is having an outstanding year hitting 51% from the field, 53% from the three point line and 92% from the free throw line. Brooklyn had their Monday home game against Sacramento rescheduled due to bad weather. They last played on Saturday losing 108-73 at Utah to conclude a three game west coast road trip. Two nights prior they were beaten at the LA Clippers 123-84.

The late night game will tip at 10:30PM Eastern Time over on ESPN as the Phoenix Suns will be at home facing the Washington Wizards. The Phoenix Suns are holding onto the eighth seed in the Western conference by 1 ½ games over the New Orleans Pelicans and by 2 ½ games on the Oklahoma City Thunder. The team has two good guards in Eric Bledsoe and Goran Dragic but lack good size to defend the goal. They are on a two game losing streak after losses to Houston and the LA Clippers. Washington will close out a four game west coast trip. They are at the LA Lakers on Wednesday. It’s a bad spot for Washington on a back to back and playing their fourth game in five nights facing travel to each destination.

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Michael Anthony rides away with Benjamin Sports cycle race in Berbice

mic 250x300 Michael Anthony rides away with Benjamin Sports cycle race in Berbice

Michael Anthony receives his cash prize from sponsor Wilbert Benjamin as organiser Randolph Roberts savours the moment.

By Samuel Whyte

Michael Anthony of the mining town of Linden, riding as his first year as a senior, wasted no time as he topped the field to ride away with the Third Annual ‘Wilbert Benjamin Sports Store’ cycle event.
The event, which was held along the Corentyne Highway on Sunday last in the Ancient County of Berbice, saw Anthony covering the 50 miles distance in one hour 51 minutes and 41 seconds. The other top positions were occupied by Alonzo Greaves, Paul De Nobrega, double defending champion Orville Hinds, Alonzo Ambrose and Berbician Romello Crawford occupying the respective second to sixth places. The one armed wonder, Walter Grant Stuart took the 10 position and received a special prize.
The race started outside of the Benjamin’s Sports Store at Fyrish, Corentyne and proceeded to the No51Police Station before returning to its place of origin.
As the cyclists were sent on their way a lead pack of Greaves, Stuart, Anthony, Ambrose, Jamal John and Mark Harris were out early and soon established a sizable advantage as the race picked up momentum. However, not to be outdone, the chasing pack took turn in going after the leaders. By the time they reached Adventure the chase group connected, which included Hinds, De Nobrega, Robin Persaud, Christopher Holder, Hamza Eastman and Andrea Abdool.
As the cyclist headed for the turn back point the race became more competitive as the various riders went on short breaks to establish their dominance, however they were soon reined in by the rest of the pack.
There was more hot competition on the downward journey as the riders continued to battle, hitting top gear, forcing some of the front runners to drop out of contention. Closer to the finish line the cyclists became more separated as faster, stronger riders took the advantage.
With some 200 meters to go Greaves made his move, but was challenged by Anthony who outsprinted him to the finish line to take the top cash prize on offer.
Crawford was the first junior to cross the line as he won from Jamal John and Raphael Leung.
The veteran division was divided into two categories. The 35-40 riders saw Junior Niles riding away with that division ahead of Jaikarran Sukhai and Berbician Syborne Fernandez.
Andrew Spencer was the first to cross the finish line in the over-40 category with Linden Blackman and Wilbert Benjamin taking the other two spots.
In the beginners’ category Chevy Carter, Keno Logan and Balram Narine occupied the top three spots and were presented with special cycling equipment for their effort.
On the distaff side Marica Dick continue her dominance with an easy victory as Whitney Payer and Shenika Teixeira came second and third.
The juniors, veterans and females rode from the start line and turned back at the Nand Persaud Complex at No35 Village Corentyne to its place of origin.
Greaves rode away with five of the prime point prizes while Ambrose, Niles and Narine took one each.
The event was fully sponsored by overseas based Guyanese former national cycling champion Wilbert Benjamin and coordinated by cycling coach Randolph Roberts.
Speaking at the presentation ceremony immediately after the event, Benjamin was happy to be home and to be contributing towards the development of cycling in Guyana. He also thanked all the participants for taking part in the event.
Roberts also had special words of congratulation for the outstanding performers and urged others to emulate the exploits of Benjamin.
Cyclists were drawn from Linden, Georgetown, Berbice and other parts of Guyana.

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Young Americans: Yearning for the Suburbs, Stuck in the City

One aspect of the Millennial mythos is that young people love cities. They love bike lanes and ethically-sourced coffee and rooftop gardens. Last year, a Nielsen study appeared to confirm the cliché: The percentage of young adults who live in cities is higher than ever. In fact, 62 percent of the poll’s Millennial respondents said they wanted to live near a medley of shops, restaurants, and offices.

But it’s important not to mistake a preference for an urban lifestyle with a preference for cities themselves. It’s true that cities have a generous amount of the shop-restaurant-office medleys that young people desire, but it’s also true that metropolitan areas boast many of the highest-paying jobs—which is probably a bigger draw for a generation that was starting or just settling into their careers when the recession hit.

It’s now the case that after young people live in a prosperous city for a few years, they’re finding it increasingly hard to get the economic foothold that would allow them to leave. Median wages have fallen for this generation almost across the board, which means young people have had a hard time saving money and building the good credit needed to secure a mortgage and buy a house elsewhere. This inability to flee from cities might be masking the fact that many Millennials still yearn for a house in the suburbs.

8f4cb0b25 Young Americans: Yearning for the Suburbs, Stuck in the City
The Wall Street Journal

Leading up to the recession, the populations of 25-to-34-year-olds in big metro areas were declining every year, as young people bought houses in smaller cities. The Wall Street Journal reported that about 50,000 young adults were leaving New York and Los Angeles every year between 2004 and 2007. Between 2010 and 2013, that number dropped below 23,000 for New York and to about 12,000 for Los Angeles.

One reason this group is staying in cities might be that they can’t afford to leave, according to William Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution. Millennials often don’t have enough money saved up to consider buying a house somewhere else—let alone covering the moving costs to get there or possibly suffering a pay cut or taking on a less thrilling job.

This isn’t how it used to be. In previous decades, cities like New York and Los Angeles attracted twentysomethings with educational or professional opportunities, and then those twentysomethings would migrate to places where they could settle down with a family and buy a spacious house after a few years in the city. This geographic dispersal of highly-skilled workers, the norm for decades, meant that the gains of states with stronger economies could be spread to those with weaker ones.

It’s easy to assume that Millennials love cities simply because so many of them live there, but it looks like a majority of them, after a stint in a city, still yearn for the same thing their parents pursued: a single-family home in a suburban neighborhood. A survey by the National Association of Home Builders released last week called on about 1,500 people born after 1977. Sixty-six  percent of those respondents said they wanted to live in the suburbs, versus the 10 percent who wanted to live in a city.

Where Do Millennials Want to Live?

60592c979 Young Americans: Yearning for the Suburbs, Stuck in the City
National Association of Home Builders

That survey has a major caveat: It only covered people who had purchased a home within the past three years or intended to in the next three, so the results could be exaggerated (not to mention the fact that the poll was conducted by a bunch of people who’d very much like it if more homes were built). But this isn’t an isolated finding. In the summer of 2013, the Demand Institute, a nonprofit think tank, posed a similar question to about 1,000 Millennials, aged 18 to 29. Nearly half said they’d like to have their next home be in the suburbs, while 38 percent preferred cities.

It appears that what many Millennials want when picking out a place to raise a family isn’t a city per se, but rather the perks that are traditionally associated with living in a city: restaurants, shops, and grocery stores within walking distance, easy access to public transportation. In other words, they might want suburbs that are more city-like than the ones they grew up in. Some suburbs are like that—it’s just that young people can’t afford to move there and still advance professionally. Until the recovery reaches them, many of them will keep living in big metro areas, whether they truly prefer to or not.

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mf182 Young Americans: Yearning for the Suburbs, Stuck in the City

rc Young Americans: Yearning for the Suburbs, Stuck in the City
rc Young Americans: Yearning for the Suburbs, Stuck in the City
rc Young Americans: Yearning for the Suburbs, Stuck in the City

a2 Young Americans: Yearning for the Suburbs, Stuck in the Citya2t Young Americans: Yearning for the Suburbs, Stuck in the City Young Americans: Yearning for the Suburbs, Stuck in the City
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