Regional U-19 three-day cricket Fifties from Chanderpaul, Homraj give Guyana 1st day honours Despite 5-Wkt haul from Martina

By Sean Devers
Played before virtually empty stands at the Guyana National Stadium, Providence the opening round of this year’s Regional Under-19 three-day cricket tournament got going yesterday with Guyana taking the first day advantage in their contest against the Leeward Islands.
On a low and slow track in bright sunshine the hosts, hunting a 13th title at this level and seventh on home soil, won the toss and opted to invite the Islanders, who last won the title when it was played in Guyana in 1989 & 2001, to field first.
Led by a workman-like 65 from Tagenarine Chanderpaul and an attractive 62 from Askay Homraj, the Guyanese reached 270 all out despite an impressive spell of off-spin bowling from the tournament’s most experienced bowler Shaquille Martina who grabbed 5-86 from 31 overs. He got support from left-arm spinner Therone Bussue who had 2-48.

7dc83  Shaquille Martina who took 5 wickets yesterday bowles to Balchand Baldeo as Taignarine Chanderpaul looks on Regional U 19 three day cricket Fifties from Chanderpaul, Homraj give Guyana 1st day honours Despite 5 Wkt haul from Martina

Shaquille Martina, who took 5 wickets yesterday, bowls to Balchand Baldeo as Tagenarine Chanderpaul looks on.

By the close the Leewards were 21-1with the left-handed Ross Powell from Nevis on 14 and Martina yet to score. The Leewards, who lost Dion Weste (1) to off-spinner Sharaz Ramcharran with the score on 10, need another 250 runs for first innings honours with nine wickets in hand. Powell, the nephew of Kieron Powell, has so far hit two fours in his innings.
Earlier, the left-handed pair of West Indies Under-19 openers Shemron Hetymer and Chanderpaul put together 20 on the lush green outfield before Hetymer (5), with no movement of his feet, edged a wild swipe to third slip where Martina, whose mother is Guyanese, held the catch as Skipper Jeremiah Louis made the breakthrough.
Skipper Brian Sattaur (10), who also played last year, soon edged off-spinner Martina to slip to leave Guyana, who last won a Regional three-day in St Kitts in 2007, at 42-2.
It should have been 43-3 when the keeper dropped Balchand Baldeo before he had scored, off left-arm quickie Colin Archibald. Baldeo rubbed salt into the wound with a classical cover driven boundary off Archibald to get off the mark.
Baldeo joined Chanderpaul, whose only three-day youth hundred was made against the Leewards last year and together they carried Guyana to Lunch at 74-2 with Baldeo, who sweetly drove left-arm spinner Therone Bussue down the ground for four, on 18 and Chanderpaul, who favored the cut in his watchful innings, unbeaten on 25.
After the interval Baldeo, who hit two fours in his 74-minute 20, was brilliantly taken at slip by Joseph at 74-3 to give 18-year-old Martina, who made his debut as a 14-year-old in St Lucia in 2010, his second wicket.
Chanderpaul struck Bussue for a glorious boundary before hitting the spinner for the first six of match next ball to post the Guyana 100. However, eight runs later Ramcharran (10) played around an arm-ball and was bowled by Martina, the only surviving player from the 2011 side which played in the last tournament hosted by Guyana.
Homraj joined the well entrenched Chanderpaul who made his debut at this level against the Leewards in 2012. The pair took the score to 133 before Chanderpaul, who made an unbeaten 104 when these two teams met in St Kitts last year, played a lofted drive to mid-off to give Martina, who operated with clever variations, his fourth wicket.
Chanderpaul, with nine First-Class matches to his name batted for 197 minutes, faced 137 balls, reached the boundary eight times and cleared it once. The son of prolific Test batsman Shiv Chanderpaul fell just when he began to look ominous and his demise brought Kemo Paul to the crease.
Paul entertained the handful of spectators with an attractive array of shots but his 17 ball 26, laced with six fours was more in T20 mode and the Essequibian was soon removed by Joseph after he had added 40 with the elegant Homraj for the sixth wicket to leave the Guyanese on 173-6 and by Tea the score had progressed to 205-6 on a day in which no other team reached 200.
At Tea Homraj was on 41 and Kemol Savory on seven. After the break, Savory (8) was caught and bowled by Bussue as Guyana slipped to 207-7 but the free flowing Homraj, who registered a classy century against the Windwards last year, was still there.
Homraj then hit a return catch to Bussue after facing 67 balls and batting for 112 minutes with five fours. He departed with the score 248-8. It was soon 254-9 when Daimon Waldron (2) was also caught and bowled by Martina who began his last year at this level with a five-wicket haul.
Leg spinner Steven Sankar (32*) and pacer Keno Morris frustrated the bowlers with a 29-minute last wicket stand before Morris (9) was removed by Archibald, 22 minutes before the scheduled 17:00hrs close.
Play on the second day today is scheduled to commence at 10:00hrs and admission is free.

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Parkour Professionals Tackle Assassin’s Creed Unity’s Four Player Co-op

d5812  acreedparkourunity 610 Parkour Professionals Tackle Assassins Creed Unitys Four Player Co op

The latest parkour video from YouTube channel devinsupertramp, partners with Ubisoft to pit four assassins in a race against two soldiers.

The video stars Ronnie Shalvis, who has starred in a number of video game-themed parkour videos with director Devin Graham, and the French FreeRun Family: Simon Nogueira, Yoann Leroux, and Johan Tonnoir.

You can check out Graham's previous work making a promotional Watch Dogs parkour video with Ubisoft. You can check out their previous Assassin's Creed parkour video work here and here.

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 Parkour Professionals Tackle Assassins Creed Unitys Four Player Co op

Meet Ben Jackson: The 21-Year-Old Athlete With Cerebral Palsy Who Defied All Odds

“I didn’t know who my competition was going to be, but I know that they weren’t up at 3 a.m. watching wrestling videos.”

Ben Jackson is a lot like any other 21-year-old. He’s a full-time college student, a sports enthusiast, and an adventure seeker.

Gatorade / Via

But one thing that sets Ben apart is that he has Cerebral Palsy, a disorder that affects muscle tone, movement, and motor skills.

9374f  enhanced 4755 1406045700 12 Meet Ben Jackson: The 21 Year Old Athlete With Cerebral Palsy Who Defied All Odds

Gatorade / Via

At an early age, doctors were convinced that Ben would spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. They were also convinced that he would never walk, attend school, or have a social life… All because of his cerebral palsy.

9374f  enhanced 30700 1406045952 7 Meet Ben Jackson: The 21 Year Old Athlete With Cerebral Palsy Who Defied All Odds

Ben Jackson / Via

As a child growing up, Ben was always energetic and passionate about sports. The first sport he was heavily involved with was basketball. And although it wasn't easy for him, Ben showed the determination and work ethic that most kids his age didn't have.

bab37  enhanced 31486 1406046259 27 Meet Ben Jackson: The 21 Year Old Athlete With Cerebral Palsy Who Defied All Odds

Ben Jackson / Via

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2014 Young Hollywood Awards [APPEARANCE]

55738  2014 Young Hollywood Awards appearance 2014 Young Hollywood Awards [APPEARANCE]

As we announced in June, Ashley is nominated at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards and heard straight from her publicist that the 29-year-old is confirmed to attend! Did we mention BFFs Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are attending too? The Tis is up for “Social Media Superstar” and she got some tough competition being against artists like Ariana Grande, Bella Thorne and Austin Mahone. Full category includes:

Ariana Grande | Austin Mahone | R5 | Chrissy Teigen | Bella Thorne | Ashley Tisdale

The 16th Annual Young Hollywood Awards, hosted by Kelly Osbourne, will air on Monday, July 28th on the CW network at 8:00PM ET/PT. Check back to for your usual dose of HQ photos from the event!

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Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 7 Recap: Lies and Whispers

With just a few words, Spencer summed up Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 7 pretty well last night:

This is about lies and whispered conversations that stop when someone walks into a room.

The installment largely centered on Aria volunteering at Radley, helping out during art class and slipping Bethany’s drawing into a pile of prints.

It instantly grabbed the attention of a patient named Rhonda, who turned out to be Bethany’s roommate and who claimed it to be hers. 

fa1bf  aria at radley Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 7 Recap: Lies and Whispers
Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 7 Online

Later on, Aria snuck into the her room, only to have her investigation cut short when Rhonda came back, prompting Aria to scramble and hide under a bed… which just happened to be Rhonda’s! Oops!

Fortunately, Aria found Bethany’s sketchbook in that same spot, took it and managed to get out, running into Eddie on the way.

She then heads to Spencer’s place, where they go over the drawings and Aria asks Spencer if Ezra said anything about her. (Priorities, people!)

The girls end up putting together that Bethany may have been the “fragile patient” and also on the Radley roof the evening Toby’s mother died.

ELSEWHERE, Emily’s mom invited Alison and the other Liars to dinner and actually offered to listen to their problems.

The meal consisted of Emily, Alison and Hanna and conversation that focused on the lack of “bad luck” discount on their windows, along with Alison blaming herself for being kidnapped.

Emily’s mom later admits to trying to play matchmaker for her child and Alison and then confirms Hanna’s comment about not believing Alison’s story.

What about Haleb this week? Hanna runs into Caleb reading Swamp Thing and finds out he’s there to take his high school exit exams (“If they ask me who signed the Emancipation Proclamation, I’ll say Daniel Day-Lewis,” he says.).

But “algebra and civics don’t mean a thing in the real world” he later tells Hanna after talking out of the test – and she proceeds to kick him out.

Have no worries, however: Hanna can’t bring herself to admit Caleb was a mistake and they do eventually make out. Hooray!!!!!

FINALLY, Spencer helps Ezra move his research to his pal’s shed and these two they bond over past mistakes (“Families can be hard”), along with how they each made things worse.

Spencer nabs one of Ezra’s cameras to spy on the barn because she still doesn’t trust Melissa – or her dad, for that matter.

Eventually, this piece of equipment picks up not just footage of Melissa walking into it the barn… but Alison walking by it. Spencer mentions it she and Aria are at Emily’s house and Emily point out that Alison is not dressed the way she was at dinner.

Hmmm…. Aria then adds that Ezra told her how Eddie called and asked to meet, but never showed up. That’s when A sends them a text. It blames “Hanna’s big mouth.”

Go watch Pretty Little Liars online if you need to catch up and sound off: What did you think of this outing?

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Adults Need Playtime Too

mf Adults Need Playtime Too

10104  rc Adults Need Playtime Too
10104  rc Adults Need Playtime Too
10104  rc Adults Need Playtime Too

10104  a2 Adults Need Playtime Too10104  a2t Adults Need Playtime Too10104  gilJyx2vkEI Adults Need Playtime Too
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Humble Square Enix Bundle Offers 16 Games For Cheap

29792  humblesquare 610 Humble Square Enix Bundle Offers 16 Games For Cheap

Humble Bundle has partnered with a new publisher, Square Enix, to bundle a collection of games all in the name of charity.

You can pay a minimum of a $ 1 to grab Thief Gold, Daikatana, Mini Ninjas, Anachronox, Hitman: Codename 47, and Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. If you pay over the average amount (currently $ 7.68) you can add Deus Ex: Invisible War, Deus Ex: The Fall, Hitman: Absolution, Nosgoth Veteran Pack, and Battlestations: Midway to the bundle. Finally, if you pay $ 14.99 or more, you get all the previous titles plus Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut, Just Cause 2, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition, and Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. Square Enix is promising more games will be added to the bundle, as well, in the coming days.

As always, you can choose which percentages of your investment go where – Square Enix, charity, and to Humble Bundle. Charity dollars for Humble Square Enix bundle will be going to GamesAid and Make a Wish.

To partake in the bundle, head here.



Our Take
I am fully aware of the awkward marketing and ultimate letdown that has made Daikatan infamous, but I have never actually played the game. I am excited to see what all the fuss (or lack-there-of) is all about.

 Humble Square Enix Bundle Offers 16 Games For Cheap